WaterColor Web

Watercolor Web exists to feature Watercolor Prints by the world's leading watercolor artists. The number of participating artists is expanding steadily. Each of the new arrivals satisfies the criteria and meets the objectives of the site that can be summarised as "only watercolor and only top quality." They also contribute to the site's international character.

There are many galleries on the Internet featuring the full range of the graphic arts. By contrast our objective is tightly focussed. We will concentrate on watercolor art and only watercolor.

We aim to serve the international community of both watercolorists and those who admire their work. We intend to exhibit the works of only those artists who are recognized as leading practitioners and innovators in the medium.

Because of our strict standards we expect the site to grow steadily rather than rapidly.

The paintings will be offered for sale on an international basis. The market will be global and open to everyone with Internet access. It will be a network or "web" in a very real sense, and will progressively incorporate artists and, in the "Watercolor Forum" section, art commentators and watercolor admirers.

We look forward to questions, comments and particularly suggestions at: comments@watercolorweb.com