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Malcolm Beattie

Malcolm Beattie, winner of the Gold Medal for Watercolor at the 1996 Camberwell Rotary Art Show, applies his talents for composition, tonal contrasts, colour and sound draughtsmanship to carefully chosen subjects. He applies this expertise to make straightforward statements about everyday places and things and in the process produces paintings that are visually striking and that highlight the often-ignored beauty in the familiar and the commonplace.

He is particularly interested in drawing attention to and recording the culture and heritage of his home city and surroundings and succeeds in conveying their atmosphere to not only those who know them first hand, but through his paintings to a much wider community.

Malcolm’s work is available through a number of Melbourne and regional galleries and now to the wider audience through the Internet.

He undertakes regular workshops and demonstrations throughout Australia, and runs his own school conducting classes in both watercolour and oil painting techniques. He is also a regular contributor to the Australian Artist Magazine.

However, his work is not confined to his own city and country. He travels overseas leading painting tours. On these tours he also produces paintings of a variety of places and subjects that can benefit from his approach and style. This results in a unique perspective on many of the favourite and timeless subjects of artists everywhere.

Malcolm has won many prizes and commendations at regional and Rotary art shows, including the already mentioned First Prize and Gold Medal for Watercolour at the 1996 Camberwell Rotary Art Show, as well as Best Urban Landscape at the 1999 Camberwell Rotary Art Show. His work is represented in corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Prizes include

2000 Ivanhoe Art Show – best watercolour

1999 Victor Harbor Rotary – best watercolour to $900

1999 Sorrento Rotary – best watercolour

1999 Shepparton Kiwanis – best to painting $600

1999 Royal Sydney Easter Show – best watercolour

1999 Drummoyne Art Show, Sydney – 1st prize watercolour

1999 Camberwell Rotary – best urban landscape

1998 Warragul Rotary – best watercolour

1998 Altona Rotary – best watercolour

1996 Camberwell Rotary – 1st prize watercolour

1995 Warrnambool Rotary – best watercolour

1995 Marysville Festival – best watercolour

1995 Bellerine Peninsula – 1st prize watercolour

1994 Warragul Rotary – 1st prize – watercolour

1994 Tyers Primary School – 1st prize – watercolour

1994 Marysville Festival – ANZ Bank prize

1994 Dromana Rotary – 1st prize watercolour

1994 Altona Rotary – 2nd prize, watercolour

1993 Croydon Festival – best watercolour

1992 OLSH Bentleigh – best watercolour

1992 Essendon Rotary – best watercolour

1991 Victoria Police Art Exhibition – 1st prize

1991 Toorak College Art Show – best watercolour to $600

1991 OLSH Bentleigh – 2nd prize, watercolour

1991 Glen Waverley Rotary – acquisitive $500 watercolour

1991 Essendon Rotary – Mayoral prize

1991 Ivanhoe Rotary – best watercolour to $400

1990 Kew Rotary – best watercolour to $400

1990 Flinders Rotary – Lorraine Cole Award

1990 Emerald Art Society – best watercolour

1990 Box Hill Lions – 1st prize

1989 Victoria Police Art Exhibition – 1st prize

1988 Ringwood Rotary – best watercolour to $300

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