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Buy a Painting
The paintings offered for sale on this website have been painted by leading artists and are in the higher price bracket.

Potential buyers will want to be assured that their money is safe and that they will receive the painting or paintings that they ordered in good condition. We therefore do not offer a "click and buy” service.

There is a reluctance to use credit cards for internet purchases a reluctance will be even more evident when the item concerned costs several hundred or even one or two thousand dollars. Clearly there is a lot greater cause for caution when purchasing one of the paintings on this site than when purchasing a book or a compact disk.

If you are attracted to a painting, there is no need for haste. The first step should be to send an e-mail telling us of your wish to  purchase a particular painting. We shall immediately suspend it from sale. You should include your preferred method of payment. It may be an electronic transfer, fax, a cheque or credit card (Visa and Mastercard, and Bankcard in Australia and New Zealand). If you are not happy with any of these methods, for a modest additional cost you can ensure that the transaction is absolutely secure.

ESCROW: Our operation is too small to offer the security services of the type maintained
by the large e-tailers. However an alternative is to use an escrow service provided by one of the major financial institutions.

Should you decide to buy a painting, you would pay the money to a financial institution that offers an escrow service. The bank would inform the Watercolorweb that the payment has been made. We would then send the painting. When it is delivered, you inform the bank and authorise them to send the money on to us. The bank of course makes a charge, usually between 2 and 4 percent of the value of the transaction.

Prices are in United States dollars and relate to the painting unframed. Courier delivery ensures that receipt of the painting is recorded and that the painting is properly packaged and insured. The cost of packaging handling and insurance depends on the relative locations of the artist and buyer and is additional to the price of the painting itself. It will be quoted separately.

If you wish to purchase a painting or seek further information, click on the e-mail option below ( Specify the painting or paintings that you want to buy and your preferred method of payment. 

Please confirm that you can be contacted at the return address on your email and where possible also provide an alternative such as fax or telephone. You must also of course provide a street address for delivery. The painting will be dispatched as soon as the funds are cleared.

If for any reason you change your mind you can return the painting, provided it is dispatched to the return address within 7 days of receipt and it arrives in good condition. The purchase price of the painting will be refunded, however the purchaser must meet the costs of return, including insurance.

DISCLAIMER: The process of transferring the images of paintings to the Internet site and then on to the individual visitors to the site will not necessarily exactly replicate the colours of the original paintings. They can to some degree vary because of a number of factors including the individual monitors used by visitors. Responsibility for such variations can therefore not be accepted by and 

LOCAL TAXES: Local taxes such as sales tax, VAT, GST or similar are not included in the price of the paintings and if applicable are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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